November 4, 2013

Are You Ready? The 2014 Hoffman Challenge is Here!

The 2014 Challenge fabric, from the "Anisa" collection.
A staple of the American textile industry for over 25 years, the Hoffman Challenge has ballooned to a national sensation! It all began with a grouping of 94 die-hard quilters, each of whom submitted a quilt that made use of a preselected "Challenge fabric". This special fabric, selected by the fine folks at Hoffman Fabrics, must make up the bulk of the submission piece, whether it be a quilt, clothing, fabric accessories or dolls. Each Challenge fabric has a grouping of coordinates that can be used alongside it to emphasize color and pattern!

Our favorite aspect of the Hoffman Challenge is that it doubles as a touring exhibition. After 25 years of amazing, jaw-dropping submissions from talented quilters all over the USA, Hoffman has curated twelve separate collections of work that can be seen across the United States and Canada. If you would like to have your 2014 submission displayed at your local exhibition, Hoffman invites you to consult the current exhibition schedule prior to filling our your application and shipping your piece.

We here at Beverly's wish you the very best of luck with the 2014 Hoffman Challenge! To purchase the Challenge fabric and the rest of the Anisa collection, simply click here. Any additional questions about the Challenge, or this specific collection? Drop us a line on Facebook!

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