May 13, 2015

Paper Mobile How To

Cardstock Mobile
Read ALL directions before beginning

Supplies Needed:
-Embroidery hoop
-3-4 different colors of card stock -4 sheets of each color
-paint and paint brush
-string and scissors
-2 inch gold ring
-Mod Podge
-3 different sizes of circle punches

1. Pull the top embroidery hoop off ( the piece with the metal screw attached)

2. Take the underlying embroidery hoop and paint it.

3. Set it aside to dry

4. Punch 40 large circles of the top color

5. Punch 60 medium sized circles out of the middle color

6.  Punch 80 small circles out of the bottom color

7. Cut 10 pieces of string- each one 36 inches long

8. Lay out your first piece of string

9.  Take two pieces  of smallest punched circles. Mod Podge one side of one circle

10. Place the end of the string in the middle of the circle with the Mod Podge on it. Place the dry circle on top so that the end of the string is sandwiched in between the two. Press together

11. Measure 1 ½ “ up the string, and repeat with 2 more circles

12. Continue 2 more times with this same color, leaving 1 ½” in between each circle. (There will be a total of 4 pairs of the bottom color of the string)

13. Using the next color attach 3 more pairs of circles

14. With the top color attach 2 pairs of circles

15.You will repeat steps 8-14 for each string

16. To attach take one string with circles hanging below and wrap the string around the painted hoop 1 ½ times (make sure the top punched circle is 2-3 inches from the bottom of the hoop). The extra string will come out the top edge of the hoop.

17. Go across the hoop and repeat with another string.

18. Continue until all 10 pieces are hung at staggered lengths. Asjust as needed, collect all stings together centered over the hoop and tie into one large knot through a 2 inch gold ring. Stand back and see if you like the placement, adjust accordingly, cute off the extra strings and hang! You did it!!


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