July 13, 2010

Tie-Dye Summer Craft Project With Your Kids

Tie-dying is the perfect summer craft project that allows you to soak up the sun and enjoy some quality time with your kids while they are home from school. Encouraging hands-on arts and crafts projects for your kids can improve their creativity abilities while having a great experience. Most people may be turned off by the potential mess and staining of tie-dye, but if you follow these directions the only problem will be making sure your entire wardrobe isn’t tie dyed.
First thing is gathering the supplies. Keep in mind that organization will help lower the chances of having a big mess to clean up at the end of the project. Beverly’s can be your one-stop shop for all the supplies, which will make your summer tie-dying experience with your kids more enjoyable and stress free.

Tie-Dye Shirt

Tie-Dying Supplies:

• Any White Fabric - Shirts, pants, swimsuits, sheets, towels etc.
• Plastic Trash Bags – To line the work area and store tie dyed items as the color sets
• Rubber Bands and/or string - A generous amount
• Rubber Gloves – Protect your hands from getting stained
• Buckets and/or Squirt Bottles – To mix and apply dye (the buckets and bottles will get stained)
• Old Spoon – To stir dye in buckets
• Soda Ash – Sodium carbonate to pre-treat the fabric which creates more vibrant coloring
• Rags and/or Paper Towels – Just in case!
• Dye – Wide variety of colors and remember mixing certain colors can create others

Tie-Dying Directions:

1. Start with pre-washing all fabric items in the Soda Ash and hot water, then rinse and set aside.

2. Prepare dye according to the directions on the box. Keep in mind the water-to-dye ratio, more water the lighter the color and vice versa. Be sure your wearing your rubber gloves!

3. Take each piece of fabric, lay flat and tie as desired. Let your creative energy flow and it will turn out great. Check out some tie-dye methods & patterns on Wikipedia.

4. Now start applying the dye. The options are endless, use multiple colors, dye by section or just apply the dye and hope for the best. One simple rule of thumb if using more than one color: Start with light colors.

5. According to brand of dye, rinse immediately after or wait a given amount of time. Most dyes require the tie-dyed items to set for 24 hours in a plastic bag, which helps increase the intensity and wear-time of the colors.

6. Wash all containers, surfaces etc. that were exposed to dye with soap and water.

7. Once the tie-dyed fabrics have set, wash in cold water and separate from other clothing.

Tie-dye summer craft projects can engage the entire family this season. Come pick up the needed supplies at your local Beverly’s Fabric & Crafts or shop at beverlys.com. I recommend the Tulip® One Step Fashion Dye™ for purchasing individual colors. Also available are convenient tie-dye kits, so depending on your preference Beverly’s can supply it. Have a great summer with your kids and Happy Tie-Dying!

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How have your experiences been with tie-dying? Any fun, childhood memories to share or additional tips to add? Leave a comment below for our community...

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