June 17, 2014

One Calming Collection: Daily Zen!

"Funky Zen" Quilt Project from Benartex
We're in LOVE with the new Daily Zen collection from Contempo Studio and Benartex! Like the rest of the offerings from Contempo, Daily Zen features a clean, modern aesthetic and a palette of bright, vibrant colors ranging from turquoise and fuchsia to moss green and light yellow. To download the Funky Zen quilt template above, click here!

"Balance Beams" Quilt Project from Benartex
Along with elegant floral prints, simple geometric designs and line work help make this collection applicable in a range of textile crafts, including quilts, wall hangings, apparel, interior decor and so much more! We think that Daily Zen will work exceptionally well in summer, spring and fall tote bags. Click here to download the Balance Beams template shown above.

"Color Bridge" Quilt Project from Benartex
No matter what you decide to use Daily Zen for, we're positive that it will be classic-cool! Feel free to connect with us and share your finished projects with us on Facebook, and we'll share your work with our 12,000+ followers! Your creativity and passion for fabric deserves to be in the limelight. Interested in the Color Bridge template above? Click here for the download!

May 14, 2014

Sweeten Your Textile Stash with From the Market!

From the Market: Sweet swatch samples!
We were so pleased to see this spring/summer collection roll into our warehouse! From the Market, designed by Jennifer Pugh and licensed by Wilmington Prints, features a gorgeous (and appetizing!) palette of fruity colors along with realistic, rustic graphic screen prints. Fruit collages intermingle with textual prints and a handful of great, practical panels. From the Market also features a handy apron project panel, complete with cutting and sewing instructions printed right on the fabric.

From kitchen curtains and place mats to summertime quilts and interior decor, From the Market is ready for it all! Looking for some inspiration to help get you started? Check out this thorough PDF file from our good friends at Wilmington Prints. As always, you are welcome to share your completed projects on our Facebook wall -- we love to see what our wonderful customers create!

April 29, 2014

Tantalizing Textures with Iconic by Camelot Fabrics!

Swatch Samples from Iconic by Camelot Fabrics
Contemporary and classy all at the same time, Iconic is a unique collection of textures, clean modern patterns and bright summertime hues. Organic shapes and wavy lines help offset more geometric designs, making it easy to integrate these prints into an upcoming quilt project.

But Iconic is more than just a quilting collection! Make a statement by using your favorite pattern as a bold blouse, airy skirt, or tote bag. Interior decor projects such as pillow covers, bedding and curtains are also totally do-able, thanks to the vivid colors and elegant shapes within Iconic.

What will you be creating with this beautiful grouping of textiles? Leave a comment below and let us know!

April 23, 2014

Now THIS is Awesome Creativity!

Here at Beverly's we know that we have creative customers, but sometimes that creativity really blows us away. Take these blankets designed and created by Rocklin customer,  Diana Hardy, for example. Her attention to detail and the accuracy of the logos is amazing!

Diana is a long time customer who purchases all her yarn at Beverly's in Rocklin to create these special sports team blankets and more. Here's what she had to say about shopping at Beverly's.

"I wanted to say thank you so much for your employees. They are the most awesome that I have found anywhere. I keep coming back because they are always smiling and make me feel important when I come in. Your store has a lifetime customer because of the way I am treated when I come in."

Diana always brings her new creations in to share with the staff in the store. And we're always excited to see what she's made!

Diana's daughters Chelsea (above) and Amanda (pictured below right with Diana) agree with us that her mom is one creative lady! She's even won awards for her blankets, like her Browning Country Girl, which was a winner in this contest.

Rocklin manager, Kim, got it right when she told us, "A picture really is worth a thousand words." While it's fun for us to hear about where the items we sell go, it's even more fun to see what they turn into once they leave our store. Thanks for sharing, Diana!

April 11, 2014

Beverly's Cares: Clairemont's Joining Hands in San Diego

When Shar, our knitting instructor came to Beverly’s several years ago, so did her commitment to serving the community of San Diego.  Clairemont’s Joining Hands was formed with a group of volunteers that meet at Beverly’s on 6185 Balboa Avenue to join donated blocks together into blankets for charity. Currently the blankets are donated to The Ronald McDonald House, Rady's Children's Hospital, Sharp Hospital Palliative Care, and The Center For Community Solutions.