December 24, 2011

Day 12 - Hot Cocoa Cones

12 Days of Christmas Header

On the twelvth day of Christmas, my crafty friend gave to me....
Hot Cocoa Cones!

Who doesn't love a cup of hot cocoa on Christmas morning? I know I do! This quick and easy stocking stuffer includes some yummy extras that make that cup of cocoa special...marshmallows and peppermint!

 Download the free instructions, and while you're making them, don't forget Santa! I'll bet he'd love the gift of a Hot Cocoa Cone along with his milk and cookies tonight.

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December 23, 2011

Day 11 - No Sew Fleece Scarf

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On the eleventh day of Christmas, my crafty friend gave to me....
No Sew Fleece Scarf!

We are getting down to the wire! Christmas will be here in two days, but undoubtedly, there is someone you've forgotten on your list. Well, what could be easier than cutting a strip of fleece, fringing the edges and adding a few beads? The answer is nothing. Nothing could be easier. But nothing doesn't make a warm, toasty gift, either. So c'mon...get crafty, readers!

 Download the free instructions and whip up a couple of these winter warmers tonight. Then sit back and enjoy all the compliments you'll get!

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December 22, 2011

Day 10 - Vintage Notebook Cover

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On the tenth day of Christmas, my crafty friend gave to me....
Vintage Notepad Cover!

This notepad cover is a great gift that's so pretty, you'll probably want to make one for yourself! It's refillable, so the recipient of this gift can use it over and over again. The basic design can be adapted with embellishments that you have on hand, and there's a video to show you step by step how to create it.

So, download the free instructions, watch the video, and check one more gift off the list (but make one for yourself know you want to!).

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December 21, 2011

Day 9 - Tell Your Story Jewelry

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On the ninth day of Christmas, my crafty friend gave to me....
Tell Your Story Jewelry!

We all have one. That person on your gift list who has everything. Well, here's a gift that is unique, personal, and easy to make! Using a combination of charms and roundel beads, you can capture that special someone's personality just in time for the holidays.

Download the free instructions for the bracelet or a necklace for a truly personal gift!

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December 20, 2011

Day 8 - Holiday Tea Towels

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On the eighth day of Christmas, my crafty friend gave to me....
Holiday Tea Towels!

At my house, friends stop by with holiday goodies and tasty treats the week before Christmas. I'm not a baker, so I like to keep a few of these simple, festive tea towels handy. My friends love them, since they're as pretty as a plate of cookies, but with no calories!

 Download the free instructions so you'll be prepared for those last minute drop-in guests!

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December 19, 2011

Day 7 - Jingle Bell Earrings

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On the seventh day of Christmas, my crafty friend gave to me....
Jingle Bell Earrings!

Everyone will know that Santa's on his way when they hear these "sleigh bells" jingling! Fun, festive and easy to make, these jingle bell earrings will put anyone in the holiday spirit.

 Download the free instructions and add some jingle to someone's holiday!

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December 18, 2011

Day 6 - Perfect Pillowcases

12 Days of Christmas Header

On the sixth day of Christmas, my crafty friend gave to me....
Perfect Pillowcase!

While visions of sugarplums dance in your little ones' heads, they can be resting on pillowcases created especially for them! With all the fun fabric prints available, you can whip up a set to match their rooms, personalities or favorite colors.

 Download the free instructions, and the ones you love will have sweet dreams all year long!

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December 17, 2011

Day 5 - Secret Santa Stocking

On the fifth day of Christmas, my crafty friend gave to me....

Is there a Secret Santa gift exchange at your office or school? Who wouldn't love a handmade stocking filled with treats or a gift card? This easy stocking, made with a variety of fabric squares, is a great stash buster or can be done in the recipients favorite colors.

 Download the free instructions, for a gift that will become a keepsake for years to come!

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December 16, 2011

Day 4 - Kitchen Gift Set

On the fourth day of Christmas, my crafty friend gave to me....

The kitchen is said to be the heart of the home, and during the holiday season it's even more so! Here's a great multi-item project; you can make one piece, or all four, and give as a set or as individual gifts. I'm fond of the cup hugger, and I take mine to the coffee house with me every day.

 Download the free instructions, which include a great how-to video, and you'll have a stack of gifts in no time!

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December 15, 2011

Day 3 - Holiday Cupcake Tower

On the third day of Christmas, my crafty friend gave to me...

This project makes me hungry just looking at it! It's so simple to create this holiday cupcake tower using square glass plates and vases. One of the great things about it is that you can use it for other events by changing the trim and the filler. And since gluing the pieces together is optional, you can unassemble it after your event and store it neatly away.

 Download the free instructions for a great addition to your holiday dessert table!

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December 14, 2011

Day 2 - No Sew Fleece Blanket

On the second day of Christmas, my crafty friend gave to me....

No Sew Fleece Blanket!

Polar fleece, some scissors, a ruler and a great holiday classic movie. That's all you need to whip up this winter warmer for someone special on your gift list! You don't really need the movie, but it's a great excuse to sit down for a couple of hours during this busy season.

This year, I made one for my daughter with her two favorite football (yes, football) teams. But don't tell's meant to be a surprise! Download the free instructions and get cozy!

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December 13, 2011

Day 1 - Holiday Aprons

On the first day of Christmas, my crafty friend gave to me...

With all the holiday entertaining going on, wouldn't this be a perfect gift for your best friend, the hostess of a cookie exchange, or your neighbor who's holding a caroling party?

These no-sew aprons can be created quickly using a pre-made apron, some embellishments and fabric glue. Make one to give and one to keep!  Download the free instructions and get your festive on!

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December 12, 2011

Beverly's 12 Days of Christmas Crafts

Well, everyone, the Christmas season is officially upon us! And as crafters, quilters and generally creative people, I'm sure you have people on your gift list who are expecting something beautifully hand crafted just for them (I know I do!). But if you're anything like me, you've waited till the last minute and have run out of crafting time (um...I know I have!).

Never fear. Here at Beverly's we've come up with our own version of the 12 Days of Christmas... Starting tomorrow and every day through Christmas Eve, we'll post a creative, simple gift idea with all the instructions. Keep an eye on our blog as we count down to Christmas, crafting all the way!

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December 11, 2011

Goosebumps in December!

Goosebumps Texture Spray
I am not a fan of scary movies. They give me goosebumps, and not in a good way. But last week, I got a different kind of Goosebumps...from Tsukineko! And believe me, I loved them!

Goosebumps is a new texture spray that can be used on multiple surfaces; paper, canvas, glass, acetate, they all take on a new dimension with this fabulous new product! Goosebumps comes in three different formulas--matte, gloss and shimmer--for tons of crafting possibilities.

Goosebumps Texture Spray on Printed Cardstock
Sprayed on a sheet of plain or printed cardstock, Goosebumps instantly gives the paper texture, dimension, and a bit of shine.

Goosebumps Texture Spray with Mask
Used with a mask, you can create your own patterns on cardstock. Think about how fun it would be to create your own background paper. And masks don't have to be could use different household objects like rubber bands, coins, nuts and bolts. Goosebumps will wash off if you remove the masks befor allowing it to dry.

Goosebumps Birthday Card
For this card, I used blue painter's tape right on the front of the card. I sprayed on gloss Goosebumps and allowed it to dry. After removing the tape, I inked over the entire card for a tone-on-tone jacquard stripe effect.

Goosebumps Book Page
Here, I sprayed Goosebumps directly on a rubber stamp, and stamped on a book page. When the Goosebumps dried, I dragged some distress ink over the page to define the edges.

Here's my result on a mirror using matte Goosebumps and a stencil. Instant frosted glass! (It's hard to take a picture of a mirror...please excuse the quality and trust me that this looks so much prettier in person!)

Delicata Ink
Combine Goosebumps with Tsukineko's new Delicata metallic ink and the results are stunning! Delicata is a metallic that won't tarnish or lose it's luster like some other inks, making it a great option for keepsake projects. It's also a great alternative to gold leafing for more delicate surfaces.

Delicata Crown Card
These products will be arriving in your local Beverly's around December 18, 2011.  So, ask Santa to tuck some Goosebumps and Delicata in your stocking this Chrismas. You'll be glad you did!

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December 7, 2011

Social Crafting Ruffled Canvas Bag

Ruffled Canvas Bag!
On Wednesday evening, customers gathered in our local Beverly's stores for an evening of Social Crafting. This month's project was an adorable Ruffled Canvas Bag! Using a simple bag, a fat quarter of fabric, tulle and wired ribbon (yes...wired!) participants spent the evening creating a stylish tote to keep for themselves or to give as a gift. A simple running stitch for gathering is the only sewing necessary, and that's only for the fabric and tulle. The ribbon is gathered using the wired edge, and everything is attached using Fabri-Tac glue!

To make your own bag, download the instructions, shop for your materials, and start crafting!

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November 25, 2011

2011 Christmas Trends

Noel Ornament
Decorating for Christmas this year has so many wonderful options! Gone are the days of metallic garlands and plain glass balls. With all the gorgeous ornaments, ribbons and flowers available now, your tree can become a reflection of you and your personality! And now that you can find quality, affordable artificial trees that are pre-lit, more people are setting up multiple themed trees that match their homes.

Wine Country Tree

 For an elegant feel, try a Venetian tree. In tones of gold, burgundy and dark purple, and decorated with masks, keys, crosses and music, this tree would be showstopping in a formal living room! In St. Nick's Vineyard, wine themed ornaments in shades of purple, gold and green would make a perfect backdrop for a holiday wine tasting. A Peacock tree in teal, green and copper would be stunning as well. Think of how beautiful a topper of peacock feathers and copper ribbon would be on your tree!

Merry and Bright Tree

If you're more traditional, a Merry & Bright tree in red and lime might be more your style. Top this tree with a big bow made from glittery holiday ribbon, and use festive and even funky ornaments in the color scheme for a tree that's fun and whimsical. Or how about Winter Wonderland in frosty shades of silver, blue and white? Crowned with a top hat and garlanded with a scarf, you'll invoke the feeling of Frosty all season long.

Under the Sea Tree

Want to go with an untraditional tree? With glittery shells, fish, mermaids and seahorses in blue, teal, pink, lime and purple, an Under the Sea tree can be magical!

Rainforest Tree

Or recreate the Rainforest using tropical flowers, parrots, monkeys and frogs. A huge spray of hibiscus and fern at the top of the tree will really make a statement. Add some animal print ribbon to complete the theme.

For a daughter's room, how about some Winter Glam? Little shoes and purses in hot pink, black and white, with some zebra print ribbon would be perfect! What little girl (or big girl, for that matter) wouldn't love a glam tree in her room? We topped ours with a pair of REAL shoes, painted and glittered to match!

Woodland Garlands

Let's not forget the boys! A Woodland tree with bears, birds and sleds, a Cowboy tree with boots, saddles, horses and burlap or even a sports tree with ornaments in their favorite team colors will bring a smile to your favorite guy's face whenever he walks in the room.

Candyland Tree

While I still keep a family tree full of the kids' pipecleaner and glitter creations, I'm looking forward to creating a Candyland tree in my kitchen this year, filled with cupcakes, candy and gingerbread men! So tell me, how will you decorate this year? Are theme trees a part of you holiday decorating?

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November 23, 2011

Good Day Sacramento at Beverly's Yards of Fabric!

Uniquka and AssistantOn Tuesday, November 22nd, Courtney Dempsey from Good Day Sacramento, a popular morning show in the greater Sacramento area, brought the program's Designer Challenge to our own Beverly's Yards of Fabric Sacramento in Carmichael!

Two designers, Uniquka Johnson of UJ Fashions, and Latiya Abdullah of Tailand Designs, arrived bright and early along with the Channel 31 TV crew. They each received a mystery bag of fabric to work with and two hours to create an original garment.  Each designer was given a five minute shopping spree to gather notions and additional materials to use in their design. But of course, there was a twist! At the end of the five minutes, the designers received another mystery bag with instructions that the contents had to be included in their finished garment. Inside the bag? Burlap and a brightly colored feather boa!

Channel 31 CrewDesigners in WorkspaceBeverly's Yards of Fabric Sacramento provided all of the materials, workspace, sewing machines, ironing space and dress forms for the designers to use. Good Day Sacramento checked in three times during their show. The first segment followed the designers on their shopping spree, the second segment included designer interviews, and in the third segment the winner was chosen.
Latiya Dress
Uniquka Dress
The judges of the Challenge were Beverly's own Bridget Young, and Lisa Kennedy Watrous, a Sacramento blogger from the site Closet Candy. Since the judges were split on their final decision, the news anchors back in the studio had the final vote. The winner? Uniquka from UJ Fashions and her adorable short dress.

Designer Challenge Finished Dresses
Everyone had a great time, and we hope to be a part of this great event again next year! Thanks Uniquka, Latiya, and Good Day Sacramento!

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November 17, 2011

Crafts from Christmas in Candyland

King Kandy at Beverly's Santa Maria
The Beverly's Candyland Crew in Visalia!Saturday's Christmas in Candyland event in our local Beverly's Fabric & Craft stores was a huge hit! Guests enjoyed refreshments, free crafts, and FUN during their visits. There were also sightings of Queen Frostine, Princess Lolly and even King Kandy in some of our stores!

The crafts from Christmas in Candyland are now available online for you to make at home. You can find them by clicking on the pictures below.

Lollipop Princess TiaraRed Licorice Santa HatLord Licorice Fascinator
Gumdrop JewelryPeppermint Bracelet
Sweet Treat OrnamentSnow Cone Treat BagWhimsical Plum Tree Ornaments

Snowflake Lollipops
Gumdrop Snowman Ornament

Let the sweet holiday crafting begin!

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