September 4, 2009

September's In-Store Sales!

Our September Circular is available to view here. Check it out for great savings this month.

Have you been waiting to get your hands on the Slice from Making Memories? NOW is the time to go for it. Beverly's has it for just $119.97 and the Slice design cards are 30% off.

Re-purpose Your Storage Boxes

While everyone knows these clear storage boxes are great for scrapbook paper, we wanted to share a couple of other uses for them. Sometimes it's more fun to organize rather than actually make a project. Sound familiar?

For ribbon storage, cut 3 pieces of foam board 13" long x 3" wide to fit in the box and divided it into rows. You can adhere it at the edges with clear packing tape. Poster board could also work. Keep the ribbon on their original spools, or create new ones by cutting 3"x3" pieces of matte board (could use heavy poster board or foam board) and wrapping shorter pieces of ribbon around it and secured with a rubber band.

Also, a great way to store your fat quarters. Organize by color, and make it easy to get to!

We would love to hear your favorite use of these storage containers. Leave a comment to share your idea(s). Fall is just around the corner - it's a good time to get organized!!