December 18, 2009

Quick & Easy Christmas Ornament

Here's a quick idea for a 3-D gift tag or ornament, made with Graphic45:

Christmas Past (Graphic 45)
12" of yarn or ribbon

1. Cut "Letter to Santa" (12x12 with stamps all over it) into strips - can get 8 strips out of one sheet.
2. Fold on the dotted line between each stamp.
3. Fold yarn in half and tie the two ends together in a knot.
4 Fold back and forth like an accordion, open and put adhesive on the back of each stamp section.
5. Bring the two ends to meet and push them to the center, slide yarn up the middle and fold stamps so they form 6 panels.

December 16, 2009

Last Minute Gift Idea!

This Unique Christmas Necklace makes for a quick & easy gift:

Diamond Glaze adhesive
Square woodsies
Exacto knife and scissors
Sand paper
Black craft paint and brush
Christmas Past pcardstock (Graphic 45)
Necklace Bale
Adhesive (E6000)
Black cording

1. Cut out desired image.
2. Use exacto knife to cut woodsie to matching size, sand edges and paint.
3. Adhere image to wood and coat the top with Diamond Glaze (allow to dry overnight).
4. Open bale so that top remains a loop and inside piece stretches down.
5. Attach stretched out piece to back of pendant with E6000. Allow to dry.
6. String onto black cording (attaching clasp is optional).