September 5, 2013

Ooh-La-La from Wilmington Prints: Easy to Ooh-La-Love!

Stripe Pattern from Ooh-La-La
Though a trip to the beautiful boulevards of Paris, France might not be in the cards for you, setting the mood and calling to mind the city’s timeless culture is easy with the Ooh-La-La collection from Wilmington Prints. Designed by Jo Moulton, this collection of fine material features a delicate color palette featuring light blue, faded red, café cream and rustic brown, along with several others. To our eyes, the color of the materials calls to mind the hues you might find on a faded postcard or Parisian travel brochure!

Stripe Pattern #2 from Ooh-La-La
Several of the textile patterns from Ooh-La-La contain vintage stamp markings, handwritten text and other signifying features which convey delicacy and softness. Printed alongside these features on comfortable 100% cotton cloth are other designs which help convey Parisian culture: upright 3-speed bicycles, antique folding cameras and floral arrangements you might find in a quaint roadside shop!

Stationary from Ooh-La-La
Tower Toss from Ooh-La-La
Large Stripe from Ooh-La-La
If you’re looking to add a sense of delicacy or refinement to your next quilting project, look no further than this collection of textiles. Use a project pattern Wilmington to create a cohesive work using several prints from the collection, or mix and match it with other items from your stash for a unique piece.

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