December 4, 2013

Weekly How-To Project: Ornament Placecard Holders

Show your loved ones where to sit...stylishly!
Organize seating at your holiday event with style and seasonal flair! These beautiful placecard holders, made from elegant and simple plastic ornaments, will make a tasteful addition to your home's holiday motif. Using simple rhinestones, hot glue, card stock and a few other craft accessories, you can create these holders in an afternoon. Proceed to our easy to follow how-to tutorial on the Beverly's home page!

Add these to your list of holiday how-tos and make your home unforgettably festive this Christmas! As always, feel free to share your creations with us via Facebook.

December 3, 2013

The Carmel Pine Cone Says...We're the Best!

Monterey manager Todd displays his certificate with pride!
Last month, the Beverly's in Monterey was nominated as the Best Fabric Store in the Monterey Peninsula by the Carmel Pine Cone. We are overjoyed to announce that WE WON! Pictured above is Monterey's hard-working manager Todd. As you can see, he is positively glowing about this exciting news! Everyone here at the headquarters would like to deliver a heartfelt congratulations to the entire Monterey staff, as well as a HUGE thanks to all of our Monterey/Carmel area customers.

Not sure where your local Beverly's retail store is located? Find out with our easy to use store locator tool on our homepage.