January 25, 2012

Spring 2012 - Color as seen on the fashion runway

Consumers look to early spring for renewed energy, optimism, and the promise of a brighter day. Being an election year there  is a feeling of the unknown. COLOR sets the mood and reflects different styles. This year customers are adding pieces to their existing color pallet.

TANGERINE TANGO - is the exciting juicy orangeade, providing a jolt of energy, radiating warmth and cheer. It along with an orange cast Red called POPPY. These are at the top of the picks for 2012. As we get closer to fall Deep Red will be very strong. A close 2nd for Spring will be “solar Power” CANARY YELLOW.

GERANIUM - is a a brighter pink blending in with the other colors. FUCHSIA - is another bold color melding into red, purple, and pink.

INK-blue, a classic maritime hue, giving order and calmness to the mind. It is being used in home dec Ekot for pillows and outdoor sun-in-shade pillows.

TURQUOISE-This entire blue story is going to stay strong, along with Tiffany Blue, and Hyacinth.

GRASS GREEN- (a more grayed blue green) is tied in with nature, save the planet,and is a symbol of healing and renewal. It blends with all the colors above.

ICE CREAM COLORS ARE -SOFT PINK,SWEET LILAC,SOFT PEACH, AND creamy yellow. These colors are being seen in soft flowing fabrics, and in soft prints for the Victorian look.All of these colors work together along with Egret white, taupe and gray.

NEUTRALS-honey and sandstone,are very strong in apparel as well as Home Dec. In Quilting the Stonehenge from Northcott is an example of this look.

HOME DEC- Interior colors in the home are going neutral.There is a shift for a more casual lifestyle.Neutrals are calming   after dealing with work and the busy electronic world.The Kitchen is becoming a focal point, using steel, stone, marble or ceramic. Mid tones are used for walls.The expressive vibrant colors are reserved for the small electronics,dinnerware, serving pieces,and accessories.Food prep products and gadgets, miking bowls, and Mixers. We have a kitchen section in our fab department, including prints for table runners, table cloths, place-mats, aprons etc.
 Pillows, are items being made from the brighter fabrics. They can be changed out.


BEAD TRENDS-Beading is a feeling of expression, creating how you feel. Customers today want customized designs. Designs are inspired from colors we see, sights we see, as well as fashion and Art. Altered art is playing a big part in jewelry making. Styles are funny ,funky, and bold. Lots of chain is being used hanging stones, charms off of chain. Large necklaces are being talked about for next fall. Cousins has new designs as well as Blue Moon.I have some other designers we are working with for the charms and the chain.

The royal wedding appears to have impacted the hat & hair accessory mkt. with flowers and feathers on hats and headbands, as well as bracelets, clothing ,and feathers in the hair.
Ruffles- in clothing, yarn, on bags, bottom of aprons, children's clothing and ruffled fabrics.
SCARVES-Very trendy, we have new ones coming from Imagine’it. A new trend may be adding beads, charms and ribbon to the soft scarves. Scarves look beautiful lined up in our wearable aisle.