April 7, 2011

Embracing Springtime In Your Home Décor

Spring has officially arrived. As a season of newness, organization, and all things creative, spring is one of the best times to showcase your artistic talents. Where should you start? Your home is the number one place where your personality shines. If you’re hoping and wishing you could change the feel of your home, but don’t quite have the budget, start small. The moods of your accents and decorations change everything.

You say: “My living room is boring.” I say: “Throw pillows!” You might laugh, but it’s true. Plain-colored couches look fantastic and fun when paired with uniquely colored or patterned pillows, and it just so happens that Beverly’s Fabric & Crafts stores have a lovely selection of fabric for your home. I must admit, I’m pretty excited about the discounted Amy Butler fabrics because they remind me of spring! And that’s what we were discussing, correct? See what I did there? Anyway…

As I dole out tips, tricks, and advice to you in adding a little spice to your décor, I will also say this: the Internet is an awesome tool for inspiration. Not only can you shop for supplies online, but you can also see what others are creating and see what you like! Spring is a wonderful season because it gets people out of their creative hibernations. Also, people love to share their projects through blogs! When I need some creativity-caffeine, I visit blogs like I Go By Katie, How About Orange, and Oh, Hello Friend.

Who will inspire your spring project, and what will your project be? Share with us in the comments below or on Beverly’s Fabric & Crafts Facebook Page!


About The Author
Danielle is a current art undergraduate studying mixed mediums and textile arts. Her writing focuses on fashion and interior design in regards to the growing independent, handmade and D.I.Y. movements. We are happy to have her as a guest blogger on Beverly's Fabric & Crafts Official Blog.

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