February 14, 2014

Warm Up the End of Winter with Realtree Fleece

Pink Camo Fleece from Realtree
Though spring is just around the corner, frigid winter storms continue to keep folks shivering across the nation! For our online shoppers, our latest restock of Realtree fleece arrives just in the nick of time. Made from warm, durable 100% polyester fleece, these textiles will keep you warm and cozy while remaining easy to care for. Ideal for no-sew blankets, bedding material, and even laze-around pajama pants!

Hidden Animals Fleece from Realtree
Along with the two fleece materials shown above, we have also added several new cotton panel options from Realtree. These make excellent quilt centerpieces, wall hangings or coverings for a stretched canvas piece! Take a look at the thumbnails below to see the intricate graphic details that the Realtree line is known for:

Realtree Pillow Panel
Realtree Deer in Moonlight Panel
Realtree Cabin Panel
As always, we look forward to what you'll create using these beautiful fabrics. If you have any current or past projects using the Realtree collection that you would like to share or promote, get in touch with us on Facebook and we'll share your work with our followers!