May 4, 2015

How To: Stain Crates

How To: Stain Crates

Steel Wool
Tea bags
2 jars with lids
Paint brush
Protective gloves
Plastic to cover work surface

1. Put one piece of steel wool into jar and cover with vinegar allow to sit for at least 24 hours,
(it can sit for a day or weeks).

2. Make a batch of tea... we used 5 tea bags and filled jar with boiling water... could also add coffee.... experiment to get the color you desire... remember that different teas will produce different colors :)

3.Paint crate with tea water, first and let dry completely.

4.First slat has been just painted with the vinegar/steel wool mixture.

5.This is a great picture for you to see how quickly the steelwool mixture changes the look when it is put over the tea stained wood... the left slat was done first and then moving right
to "paint" each slat!

6.To add even more character you can sand to rough up a bit and dry brush with craft paint... the options are endless.  Have fun!!