February 11, 2011

Ruffle Tote - Free Sewing Pattern

Free sewing patterns are a great way to get inspired to create your own masterpiece!

This Ruffle Tote pattern comes to you today courtesy of Robert Kaufman fabrics. It features a pattern to make your own tote and even a little coin purse to match! Spice up your spring wardrobe with this fun and frilly tote bag that's sure to get everyone talking. We've chosen a few fabrics to make your tote and coin purse, but we're sure you'll find lots more cotton fabrics at Beverly Fabrics!

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February 10, 2011

New Free Quilt Pattern - Fresh Cut

Free quilt patterns are a great way to get inspired to make your own quilt!

Today's free quilt pattern is called Fresh Cut, from Westminster Fabrics. It's a lap quilt featuring a ruffled edge and paper piecing instructions to put together this bright and happy quilt in a snap. This lap quilt may be small (the quilt top is 48" square), but it's perfect for a brisk spring morning at home or a quiet summer evening drive through the country. We've picked out some of our brightest and most colorful fabrics for this quilt, but we're sure you'll find more lovely cotton fabrics to create this masterpiece.

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Free Quilt Pattern - Spoken Without A Word

Today's free quilt pattern comes from Robert Kaufman, makers of Kona Cotton and other luscious fabrics. Spoken Without A Word is a fun and exciting quilt to make, not just because it's an amazing wall-hanging for your home, but because of all the appliques included in this wonderful quilt pattern. Best of all, you decide what to sew onto the quilt - making your own interpretation totally unique! Dress up your walls with this delightful project that's great for any season, or give it as a gift to a dear friend.
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February 9, 2011

New Free Quilt Pattern - Garden Party

Free quilt patterns are a great way to get inspired to create a quilt of your own!
Today's free quilt pattern comes from Westminster Fabrics, the makers of Amy Butler fabrics. This patchwork quilt may look difficult, but it's really just a compilation of squares and rectangles, making it the perfect stash or scrap quilt! Garden Party features bright colors and fun fabric prints, so it's sure to catch everyone's eye, whether you display it on your wall or on your bed! We've chosen a few brilliant fabrics for you to get started with, but feel free to browse around and pick out some cotton fabric of your own. Beverly Fabrics has the best selection when it comes to quilt fabric!
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February 8, 2011

Girl Scout Cookie Organizer How-To

It's that time of year again! Whether you're a troop leader or a Girl Scout yourself, you're sure to have fun making this handy cookie sales organizer! Beverly's has all the fabrics you'll need for making this fun and unique organizer. Personalize it with fabric paint, glitter, or applique for that special touch!

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February 7, 2011

New Free Quilt Pattern - Sunshine

Free quilt patterns are a must when quilting or getting inspired to quilt something amazing. This new pattern in our how-to section features striking colors and designs in fresh and fun new quilt fabrics.
Today's free pattern comes from Westminster, the makers of Amy Butler's fabrics, and features quite a few styles from her new line, "Soul Blossoms". Not only does it include detailed instructions and easy to understand pictures, but also templates for cutting out your quilt pieces. Bring a little spring into your winter days!

Enjoy all the fun of quilting with just a few easy steps with this free quilt pattern called Sunshine from Westminster!

Valentine's Day How-To's

Valentine's Day is coming up soon, but it's easy to be ready with Beverly's!
We've got a great selection of Valentine's Day how-to's that will help you make the perfect unique gift for that special someone. How about a sweet card with a pocket to hold little treasures and treats, a lovely bookmark, or a decorated plaque to tell them how much you care? We have stickers, ribbon, and all sorts of little embellishments to decorate your cards in our scrapbooking section!
Card-making not your forte? Make them a gift they'll always treasure with our Valentine print fabric in sweet colors and styles.
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