July 15, 2013

Listen! It's the Sweet Sound of Bird Song

"Repeating Stripe" from the Bird Song collection
Loved and celebrated for its elegance, refined charm and lustrous color palette, traditional Asian artwork is a huge influence on the modern textile industry. Subtle floral patterns, fine line work and the occasional addition of text form a complex, satisfying material.

The Bird Song collection, designed by Graphic 45 and licensed for exclusive use by independent quilt and quilt supply stores, combines cultural elements and a tapestry motif. The result is a cohesive collection of fabrics that is a true joy to touch and admire.

Bird Song has it all: panel prints, packed coordinates, floral accents and several bold repeating stripe patterns. Through each element of the collection, the look is consistent without becoming monotonous: everything is tied together by an underlying uniformity. However, each fabric featured in this collection can also be used on its own without worry. We believe that the mark of a truly successful collection is the ability to stand alongside complementary fabrics harmoniously, but also to stand alone without lacking in punch and personality.

"Repeating Stripe" from the Bird Song collection
Because Bird Song works beautifully together, it is the perfect grouping of textiles for a beautiful quilt project, either as an accent for the home or as a creative gift for a family or friend. The floral prints of the collection could serve as a decorative touch in the home or as the base for blouse, scarf or hair wrap. The diversity of Bird Song makes virtually any project you have in mind a glorious possibility!

"Joy Luck Floral" from the Bird Song collection

"Endless Spring Parasols" from the Bird Song collection

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