December 11, 2011

Goosebumps in December!

Goosebumps Texture Spray
I am not a fan of scary movies. They give me goosebumps, and not in a good way. But last week, I got a different kind of Goosebumps...from Tsukineko! And believe me, I loved them!

Goosebumps is a new texture spray that can be used on multiple surfaces; paper, canvas, glass, acetate, they all take on a new dimension with this fabulous new product! Goosebumps comes in three different formulas--matte, gloss and shimmer--for tons of crafting possibilities.

Goosebumps Texture Spray on Printed Cardstock
Sprayed on a sheet of plain or printed cardstock, Goosebumps instantly gives the paper texture, dimension, and a bit of shine.

Goosebumps Texture Spray with Mask
Used with a mask, you can create your own patterns on cardstock. Think about how fun it would be to create your own background paper. And masks don't have to be could use different household objects like rubber bands, coins, nuts and bolts. Goosebumps will wash off if you remove the masks befor allowing it to dry.

Goosebumps Birthday Card
For this card, I used blue painter's tape right on the front of the card. I sprayed on gloss Goosebumps and allowed it to dry. After removing the tape, I inked over the entire card for a tone-on-tone jacquard stripe effect.

Goosebumps Book Page
Here, I sprayed Goosebumps directly on a rubber stamp, and stamped on a book page. When the Goosebumps dried, I dragged some distress ink over the page to define the edges.

Here's my result on a mirror using matte Goosebumps and a stencil. Instant frosted glass! (It's hard to take a picture of a mirror...please excuse the quality and trust me that this looks so much prettier in person!)

Delicata Ink
Combine Goosebumps with Tsukineko's new Delicata metallic ink and the results are stunning! Delicata is a metallic that won't tarnish or lose it's luster like some other inks, making it a great option for keepsake projects. It's also a great alternative to gold leafing for more delicate surfaces.

Delicata Crown Card
These products will be arriving in your local Beverly's around December 18, 2011.  So, ask Santa to tuck some Goosebumps and Delicata in your stocking this Chrismas. You'll be glad you did!

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Anita said...

What cool new products! Definitely adding them to wish list.

Beverly's said...

They are cool, aren't they, Anita! Hope you get everything on your wish list!

super sale said...

Goosebumps is a very useful item.thanks for sharing it with me.

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