October 31, 2013

Customer Compassion: Veteran Wheelchair Bags by Jean Mitchell Kinnison

Jean (left) and Maria Almes, Chief of Voluntary Services at Mather Air Base Hospital  
To all of us here at Beverly's, there's no greater joy than seeing our customers put time, love and devotion into their creative work. Just a few days ago, we had the pleasure of chatting with Jean Mitchell Kinnison, a local California customer.

Jean's beautiful wheelchair bags on display!
Jean specializes in creating wheelchair storage bags for wounded and recovering veterans at Mather Air Base Hospital and the Martinez County Hospital. We were very humbled to learn that Jean selects her fabrics and materials from her local Beverly's retail store in Rocklin, California!

A second look at Jean's work.
To date, Jean has created at least 208 of these special bags. We're not sure if Jean has plans to craft more of these beautiful bags, but we sure hope she does! In addition to her wheelchair bags, Jean also crochets lap robes to help keep our rehabilitating veterans warm and cozy.

We would like to extend gratitude to Jean and Kim, manager of the Rocklin Beverly's, for reaching out and sharing these images with us. We love seeing what our customers are doing with the products they purchase from our retail stores and online, so please remember to keep in touch via Facebook and in the comments section below!

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