October 19, 2011

Fall Flannels with a Twist

Autumn Leaves PhotoUnless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you have been made very aware of the season’s change. Twitter is atwitter, Google Buzz is buzzing and your Facebook newsfeed is, undoubtedly, overflowing with update after update of friends and family sharing their pumpkin-spice-whatsits and chattering about the temperature change. If you’ve somehow been left out of the virtual loop, Nature is dropping hints left, right and all over your driveway, that FALL IS HERE. And we are excited! With no shortage of good things arriving with the season, we bring you one of the things that has got us excited about Fall:

The Tailor Made collection, from Timeless Treasures.
Tailor Made Fabric Collection Photo
Tailor Made is a brand new line of flannels with an interesting twist – all are printed to look like wool blends. That’s right – Herringbones, Houndstooths and Tweeds – oh my! This is an incredibly versatile line that truly has something for everyone.

Printed on 100% cotton flannel, these prints are absolutely perfect for this season, and beyond. From straightforward textured looks, to florals, and even animal prints (Like I said, something for everyone), this line has got it all, in those classic looks we love, without the hefty price tag. Available in an accommodating array of colors, the possibilities of these cotton flannel fabrics are widespread (blankets, pajamas and pillowcases, for starters).

Tailor Made Fat Quarter StackDid I mention Tailor Made comes in pre-cuts? No? Yes! There are 4 fantastically coordinated fat quarter bundles to choose from, offering a little bit of everything from this line. What’s not to love about these flannels? It’s just one of those beautiful things in life that is everything good, all at once. Tailor Made is subtle, yet statement-making. It is dignified enough for the manliest of men, and irresistibly soft enough to cuddle the newest addition to the family. And as the holidays near (too soon?), we are aware that both manly men and new additions must be considered!
Tailor Made Fabric Photo
So, in addition to those pumpkin-spice-whatsits mentioned earlier, you know what we’ll be curling up with as the temperature cools: Tailor Made flannels from Timeless Treasures. What has got you inspired this season?

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