September 1, 2011

Simply Smashing!

There's a new way to journal in the 21st century and it's called Smash!

Developed by K&Company, this hip new line of journals and accessories is selling out of our stores faster that we can stock the shelves.

Smash Book in Stores PhotoThe books themselves, or folios as Smash calls them, come in seven different themes. One for every personality...or every day of the week! Each one has 40 pages, with a different background image on every page. A blank white page can sometimes be intimidating...this little book fixes that! Right now you can choose from International Yellow, Simple Orange, Eco Green, Mod Black, Doodle Red, Pretty Pink or Retro Blue. I'm hoping they come out with one that could be used for a Christmas journal (hint, hint!).

And so many great accessories! Pockets, tabs, flags, clips, tape, journaling pads...the makers of Smash have thought of everything! Combine these with the snippets of your daily life, like receipts, lists, photos or love notes, and your Smash book can truly become a reflection of you.

Smash StickOne of the coolest features of this book is the Smash Stick. It has a pen on one end, a glue stick on the other, and it fits right in the loop attached to the book. This awesome tool makes it easy to stick your stuff in on the go and eliminates bringing along bulky accessories.

There's no right or wrong way to use Smash. Use it to record important things. Or use it to record the little things that happen every day. Here's what the makers of Smash have to say:

Smash Quote

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a folio and start Smashing!

**Thanks to K&Company for use of the Smash video and quote.


handmade_cass said...

Is this availaable at the San Diego store? Thanks!

Beverly Fabrics said...

San Diego has just received their shipment of Smash products, and will have it out soon!

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