March 11, 2011

Fashion Trends for Spring 2011

I’m not quite what you’d call a fashion-forward, jet-setting starlet, but that didn’t stop me from religiously following the previous New York Fashion Week 2011, in which designers showcased their most notable spring pieces. Admittedly, I kept up-to-date via the Internet’s myriad fashion blogs (like Fashion Chalet, The Man Repeller, and The Sartorialist), but I’d say I’m pretty informed about early 2011’s most noteworthy trends.

This coming spring, we’ll see a lot of neutral classics mixed with bold-colored statement pieces. Noticeable yet tasteful accessories are a must. Check out our Twisted Fabric Flower Necklace how-to with video. Also: metallic. In spring? Absolutely. This trend spans from jewelry to the actual clothing. Shine is in style.

What’s so great about all this? I’ll tell you: accessibility. Chances are you’re not about to spend several hundred dollars on a chunky bracelet, no matter how chic it is. So, why not take matters into your own hands and get creative? Find some poppy-red fabric or some pretty gold beads at Beverly's Fabric & Crafts stores, and you’re already on your way. Mixing colors and metallic’s can be tricky, but as long as you have a neutral piece to balance the whole look, you’ll look fresh and fun.

So, what about you? Even though you may be used to the normal spring pastels, do you think you’ll try something new this year?


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Danielle is a current art undergraduate studying mixed mediums and textile arts. Her writing focuses on fashion and interior design in regards to the growing independent, handmade and D.I.Y. movements. We are happy to have her as a guest blogger on Beverly's Fabric & Crafts Official Blog.

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