December 10, 2009

Holiday Goodie Bags!

Here is a quick little idea for a holiday goodie bag. If you mass produced these you could have them by the front door and ready to give when friends stop by. This way you'll have a little something on hand for the unexpected visitor. Fill them with candy, homemade treats or add some shredded paper and place a small gift inside. So easy to make!

1. Seal any size envelope and trim off one of the short ends.
2. Measure and cover envelope with your favorite designer paper.
3. Punch several stars randomly;cover clothespin with paper and attach star and button with yarn, hemp or thread.
4. Put clear treat bag or baggie inside to hold gift or treats, fold down top and attach stamped tag with clothespin.

Perfect for your kid's holiday parties at school, or any time of the year - the possibilities are endless.

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