April 23, 2014

Now THIS is Awesome Creativity!

Here at Beverly's we know that we have creative customers, but sometimes that creativity really blows us away. Take these blankets designed and created by Rocklin customer,  Diana Hardy, for example. Her attention to detail and the accuracy of the logos is amazing!

Diana is a long time customer who purchases all her yarn at Beverly's in Rocklin to create these special sports team blankets and more. Here's what she had to say about shopping at Beverly's.

"I wanted to say thank you so much for your employees. They are the most awesome that I have found anywhere. I keep coming back because they are always smiling and make me feel important when I come in. Your store has a lifetime customer because of the way I am treated when I come in."

Diana always brings her new creations in to share with the staff in the store. And we're always excited to see what she's made!

Diana's daughters Chelsea (above) and Amanda (pictured below right with Diana) agree with us that her mom is one creative lady! She's even won awards for her blankets, like her Browning Country Girl, which was a winner in this contest.

Rocklin manager, Kim, got it right when she told us, "A picture really is worth a thousand words." While it's fun for us to hear about where the items we sell go, it's even more fun to see what they turn into once they leave our store. Thanks for sharing, Diana!

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Diana's talent for creating these intricate sports team blankets is truly remarkable! It's heartwarming to hear about the exceptional service she receives at Beverly's, and her dedication to your store is a testament to the positive atmosphere your team provides. Kudos to Diana and the entire Beverly's team for fostering such a creative and supportive community! 👏🎨

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