February 26, 2014

Aren’t We All A Little Wild At Heart?

Scenic Multi from Wild At Heart by Wilmington
When looking at the Wild at Heart collection by Michelle Grant and Wilmington Prints, we can just feel the breeze on this open plain. Fluffy white clouds, rich blue skies and gently blowing green grasses serve as the backdrop for majestic, galloping horses. Grant has rendered each of these animals with meticulous attention to detail, capturing the subtle sheen of their hair and the ripples of their muscles as they run!

Packed Horses from Wild At Heart by Wilmington
To our eyes, this collection is a country-inspired classic suitable for a quilt, interior décor, or even the kitchen. A unifying panel, featuring square scenic windows, will make a marvelous centerpiece for a quilt, while coordinates and packed collage style prints will help to accent it. No matter what you decide to create with this collection, it will undoubtedly capture the essence of freedom—the true message of Wild at Heart.

Sky Texture in Blue/Grey from Wild At Heart by Wilmington
Trees Allover from Wild At Heart by Wilmington
When you finish your creation with Wild at Heart, we want to see it! Feel free to share it with us on Facebook, or pin it to your favorite board on Pinterest! Nothing excites us more than a customer creation.     

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