January 2, 2014

Fun & Affordable: Duck Dynasty Licensed Prints!

Brothers of the Beard Panel from Springs Creative
The beard-bearing brothers of A&E's hit show Duck Dynasty are now available on licensed prints from one of our favorite manufacturers, Springs Creative! The panel pictured above measures in at 36" by 44/45", making it a perfect centerpiece for a DD-themed quilt, decorative wall hanging, or blanket centerpiece.

Face & Catch Phrase Toss from Springs Creative
Camo in Pink from Springs Creative
Camo in Brown/Green from Springs Creative
This small collection uses a muted color palette with splashes of vibrancy in just the right places! Use the bolder graphic prints to add character to your project, then complement with the camo-print basics. The result will be a novelty project that will catch the attention of friends and family while remaining tasteful and current. Once you've completed your Duck Dynasty project, share your creation with us on Facebook!

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