November 19, 2013

These Aren't Your Grandma's Canning Jars!

Aside from being surrounded by close family and friends, the best part about the Thanksgiving holiday is the copious amounts of delicious leftover food! There's always been something a little off about how leftovers are treated, though. A lot of time, effort and artistry goes into the preparation of Thanksgiving dinner...why shouldn't a bit of craftiness and care go into the preservation of the extras?

Thanksgiving Leftover Jars, available at Beverly's stores and Save-On Crafts!
Forget tin foil and paper plates! Pie fits just fine.
Great news! Beverly's retail stores and the Save-On Crafts website offer beautiful mason jars in a variety of sizes to help you store and transport your leftover goods stylishly. Add twine, decorative holiday ribbon, and paper decor accents to each jar to make this year's feast especially memorable. If the festivities are at your house this year, these make excellent take-home favors for family and friends.

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Save On Crafts said...

Great idea! And why not have supplies ready for Thanksgiving guests (or the kiddos) to decorate their own jars?

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