October 1, 2013

The Socky Collection Makes its Flannel Debut!

Button Toss from the Flannel Socky Collection
When Windham Fabrics debuted its Socky collection on 100% cotton fabric, it was an instant hit. Super cute, colorful sock monkeys were seen smiling and prancing about against vibrant backdrops. In an effort to extend the appeal of the Socky collection into the cooler fall and winter months, Windham has released a new run…in soft, luxurious flannel!

Monkey Stripe from the Flannel Socky Collection
Socky Toss from the Flannel Socky Collection
Designed by Whistler Studios, the flannel line of Socky stays true to the fun, lighthearted design of the original cotton line. The monkeys don winter caps, scarves and little button-up shirts to help convey a wintery atmosphere. A primary color scheme is the unifying motif of the collection, with vibrant yellows, reds and blues found on each textile.

Packed Monkeys from the Flannel Socky Collection
We can see the Socky Flannel fabric collection working perfectly in a child’s bedding project, including a soft winter comforter or casual lay-around blanket. It would also work wonderfully as a little boy or girl’s scarf, or snug cap for cold mornings at school! Use several fabrics from the collection together in a quilt, or use your favorite on its own in a unique fabric craft. This line of materials leaves many possibilities open for the creative quilter!

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