October 16, 2013

Hennessy by Windham: Carrying On the Toile Tradition

"Queens Lake" Project Quilt from Windham Fabrics
When it comes to creating a beautiful new collection of quilting fabrics, looking back can be the best way to channel inspiration. The designers at Windham's studio did exactly that when they set out to create Hennessy! Modeled after a traditional fabric style called "toile", these materials feature scenic depictions of pastoral life alongside classic prints such as vertical stripes, plaid and embroidery-like floral patterns.

"Pastoral" in Blue
"Pastoral" in Red
Throughout the collection, the hues are soft and relaxing: cornflower blue, rose/brick red and a neutral cream resembling aged stationary are the predominant colors. Because of its unifying color palette and variety of prints, Hennessy is the ideal quilting collection. Windham provides several free projects, including the Queen's Lake quilt (seen at the top of this post) and the Scenes from Williamsburg quilt (seen below).

"Scenes from Williamsburg" Project Quilt from Windham Fabrics
We are pleased to offer such a timeless collection with you. Feel free to follow the links in the above captions to plan your next quilting project with Hennessy. We look forward to seeing what you're able to create!

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