September 19, 2013

How-To Project of the Week: Epiphany Jewelry!

Unique, colorful and fun. Add this DIY jewelry to your collection!
It's high time we refocused the spotlight on our wealth of how-to projects, all neatly categorized and available at! Each week, we'll be featuring a unique project on our Facebook, Instagram and official blog!

This week, craft beautiful handmade jewelry using notions and other unique adornments from Epiphany Crafts! Perfect for a teen's jewelry set, or for those times when you're feeling youthful, carefree and fun. Vary the colors you select to keep it understated and classy, or embrace retro funk with vibrant hues...the choice is yours.

Detailed instructions and a downloadable PDF of this how-to project are just a click away. Happy crafting! Also, feel free to share your creations with us via Facebook. We may feature your craft in our daily updates!

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