September 12, 2013

A Classic Kitchen Addition: Bright and Early

Detail of painterly texture, Bright and Early
The rooster is a classic symbol of the country kitchen, and this curious creature can be found on dishes, cooking utensils, textiles, and just about anything else you’d place on a counter top! Bright and Early, a collection licensed by Wilmington Prints, celebrates this cultural icon in style! Throughout this line of fabrics, bold morning colors about: sunrise orange, bright yellow, and dawn blue are the uniting hues of this cloth grouping.

Detail of rooster stripe, Bright and Early
On each material in this collection, lines are rendered smoothly, creating a clean, contemporary look throughout. An animated, colorful rooster also graces the materials of Bright and Early, and its feathers are of a painterly texture. Coordinating prints feature chicken-wire fencing and bright sunflowers against a textured backdrop.

Rooster repeating square, Bright and Early
Packed floral, Bright and Early
For a kitchen fabric that will brighten things up and breathe life into your daily routine, Bright and Early is your textile arrangement of choice! Select your favorite fabric and order a few yards of it to complete a specific project, or grab a little of each and create a quilt or set of decorative items! Beverly’s online fabric store is pleased to offer this collection to you at a discount price.

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