August 19, 2013

Garden View: A Touch of Spring During Fall!

"Packed Floral" from Garden View
Like Wilmington's Secret Garden collection, Garden View by Lisa Audit is another floral-focused fabric collection that brings on a springtime state of mind! Features a mixture of tulips, daisies and roses, with a palette ranging from bright red to creamy white to deep purple. A black backdrop allows these colors and realistic floral prints to really pop.

"Anemone Toss" from Garden View
The elegant simplicity of this collection makes it a perfect coordinate in a quilting project, or as a lining fabric for pillows or the inside of a tote/handbag. It also has plenty of potential as an apparel project such as a skirt, blouse or summer scarf. Garden View ships in August and will make an excellent addition to your collection!

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