June 17, 2013

A Sea Breeze That's Just in Time for Summer

"Scenic" pattern from the Sea Breeze collection
The temperature's rising, the sun's shining bright and the kids have ditched their book bags -- at least temporarily. There's no denying it: summertime has arrived! Beverly Fabrics is here to help you celebrate summer and all of the relaxation and rejuvenation the season has to offer. Longer days and warmer weather mean more outdoor fun with the family, a few trips to the beach or the local lake and, of course, more time to quilt and craft!

Wilmington Prints has teamed up with talented and prolific designer Amy Shaw to produce the cute and contemporary Sea Breeze collection. This grouping of fabrics is marked by its coastal palette, which features a diverse array of light sky blue, deep nautical navy, pale seaweed green, coral orange and red and sandy beige, among others. Throughout the collection, cheery aquatic life rendered in clean, modern lines abound! Smiling sharks, grinning whales and super-cute jellyfish are just a few of the colorful characters you'll find in Sea Breeze. A range of coordinating fabrics featuring circles, stripes and other geometric patterns help add a cohesiveness to the entire collection.

"Repeating Stripe" pattern from the Sea Breeze collection
Sea Breeze lends itself to many fun and practical summer projects. Looking to craft a picnic quilt that you can spread out on the beach summer after summer? Use the Sea Breeze panel print as a centerpiece and complete it with coordinates! Perhaps a tote bag to store sandwiches, sunglasses, sunscreen and other summer necessities? Pick a bold print for the outside of the bag and let a coordinate serve as the liner. Amy Shaw's youthful designs also allow Sea Breeze to work well in children's projects. Create a seasonal set of bed sheets, a summer shade hat or just about any apparel project you can imagine.
"Jelly Fish" pattern from the Sea Breeze collection
This wonderful collection is shipping direct to the Beverly's warehouse in early July, and will be available for purchase shortly thereafter. We invite you to grab a few yards of Sea Breeze and let your imagination run wild and free -- just like the spirit of summer! Share your Sea Breeze creations with us on Facebook and Pinterest.

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