May 9, 2013

Windham Debuts SUCH an Exciting Collection!

Collage quilt & dresses, courtesy of SUCH Designs
Beverly Fabrics is proud to announce the arrival of a collection that captures the fun, fresh and fancy-free spirit of summer: Collage!

Contemporary-cool and slightly quirky, Collage is the latest collection from artist, designer and entrepreneur Carrie Bloomston. Collage is being released by Bloomston's own design company, SUCH Designs, and is licensed for distribution to quilt shops by Windham Fabrics. The collection's defining characteristics are bold, vibrant colors (Bauhaus Red, Gold, Olive Oil, Aqua and Orchid) and a central motif inspired by collage art and scrapbooking. Newspaper clippings and a charming arrangement of birds, mugs and saucers give Collage all-encompassing appeal.

"Little Bits" in Charcoal
"Scatter in Bauhaus Red"

Our favorite thing about the Collage collection is the seemingly endless amount of projects it can be used for. A hip tunic for your youngster? Check! A sophisticated, eye-catching handbag for a teen? No problem! How about a quilt that you'll want to use for every single picnic you pack this summer? We're not exaggerating when we say that Collage can do it all, and in plenty of style.

Collage handbag, courtesy of SUCH Designs
Beverly Fabrics will be receiving shipments of Collage in July, which means that you have plenty of time to begin brainstorming project ideas! Take a bit of inspiration from quilters who have used this collection to fulfill their vision, such as Ramona Burke, Tia Curtis, April Rhodes, Karen LePage and Julie Goldin.

Collage child's tunic, courtesy of SUCH Designs
Take a closer look at Collage in Windham's fabric gallery, or shop the available patterns at Carrie's storefront. Feel free to share your Collage creations with us on Facebook or Pinterest!

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