December 8, 2010

More Christmas Home Decor Ideas

Fun and flirty aprons.

Wrap up a canvas – literally!

Decorate a bag into a beautiful gift bag.

Create a candy wreath!
Tea towels with fun kitchen fabric makes a great gift this Christmas.

Bracelets galore!! Now available.

Styrofoam shapes with random beads, pearls, gems, etc. glued in place make wonderful table and mantel items.

Here are more ways to decorate the Giant Clothespin.

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Donna said...

Yeah! Finally Beverly's has a REAL online presence! I will be posting on my blog and can't wait to place an order!

Great move by your marketing department! And, the site is great - easy to get around, looks fantastic!

I've been a Beverly's shopper since you opened your store in the in the Central Valley!

Wishing your new endeavor much success. Great way to start the new year, too!

Happy New Year, and many blessings, Donna

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