June 22, 2009

New Robert Kaufman Fabric in Stores Now!

This super cute fabric called Metro Market from Robert Kaufman is in stores now.... Look for a project from Dana using this fabric line in the next couple of days : )


suthrnbelncal said...

I get ideas from magazines, craft books, and the DYI type shows(HGTV,DIY,FLN & such)and their web sites, or from something I see in someone else's house (that they usually purchased at some hi-end store- but that I find attractive and do-able w/out the hi price); from the web sites of other retailers in their home decorations departments, and MANY from my own visions/imagination, and from just walking the aisles of Beverly's &/or the hardware or home improvement store.

I can usually dream up a solution or a choice of solutions for anything. I do all sorts of crafts and sewing, and painting (just, NOT walls (interior or exterior-unless mural is involved) -I hate house painting -boring & I end up w/ paint in my teeth and everywhere!),I've done furniture refinishing (usually w/ an alternative scheme , not just all one effect),flower arranging, crocheting, leather tooling,woodburning,etc. etc. etcetera!

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