October 3, 2008

Quick Fall Decoration "How To"

Yes, Fall is here ...... and we have our first quick "how to"! We got in these corn cobs and weren't quite sure what to do with them. As usual, Kathy came up with a great idea and turned them into Corn Cobs with Pizzaz!
Corn Cobs
Jewel Glitter - Mahogany, Light Gold and Light Copper
Spray adhesive
Spray varnish
7/8” wide wire edged ribbon

1. Spray cob with adhesive.
2. Cover with glitter (work over clean paper so you can pour extra glitter back into container)
3. After all three cobs are done use spray varnish to seal.
4. Tie with wire edged ribbon.

Skill Level 1 Craft time 20 minutes

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