April 28, 2008

Thanks to all who participated this past weekend in our Webkinz Extravagana! It was a great success, and certainly seems that everyone had a terrific time.Haley, Amelia and Mom from our Monterey store!

fun at our Alameda store!
More photos to come ....


Anonymous said...

I love you guys but this Webkinz thing was a bust. The giveaway happened when kids were in school. The games happened in a 30 minute window that was so small we missed both. We wanted to have fun - we came by twice - but there was no "extravaganza" going on. It was just business as usual. Bummer.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the other comment. We had to ask 3 people where to spin the wheel of wow and they looked at us like we were crazy, had no idea what we were talking about. Not fun like we thought it would be. We did buy a webkinz and got one free :)

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